• Chile Verde Pork Bowl with Brown Rice & Carrots $10

    Slow simmered pork with a zesty tomatillo green chile sauce over brown rice & carrots
    Allergens: (none)

  • Southwest stuffed Sweet Potato with Black Beans, Quinoa and shredded Zuchinni $10

    Roasted sweet potatoes stuffed with black beans, quinoa and shredded zuchinni
    Allergens: (none)

  • Southwest Chicken, Butternut & Mushroom Saute $10

    Chile spiced chicken, butternut, roasted mushroom, zuchinni, bell peppers, onion
    Allergens: (none)

  • Turkey Primavera with Summer vegetables over Pasta $10

    Ground turkey and summer vegetables tossed in marinara sauce over pasta topped with parmesan cheese
    Allergens: (none)

  • Sliced Chicken by the pound $16/per Lb
  • Steamed Broccoli florets by the pound $7/per Lb
  • Steamed Carrots by the pound $7/per Lb
  • Brown Rice by the pound $5/per Lb
  • Ground Turkey by the pound $16/per Lb
  • Pasta by the pound $5/per Lb
  • Sauteed Summer Squash by the pound $6/per Lb